How the State Budget Impacts Children

How the Governor’s 2015–16 Budget Proposal Would Affect California Children

On January 9, Governor Jerry Brown released his proposed 2015–16 state budget. While the budget reflects billions in additional revenue, the Governor continues to prioritize fiscal austerity over investing in the safety net or public services. The budget proposal does include a substantial increase in K–12 education funding, as mandated by the CA State Constitution, but the Governor does not propose any major increases in funding for a variety of areas that were subject to deep cuts in recent years, including child care and preschool programs, CalWORKs and health care.

At a time when 1 in 4 California children are living in poverty, the Governor’s budget fails to invest in bold solutions to reduce child poverty and ensure that every California child is empowered to reach her full potential. Instead, the Governor’s budget leaves in place devastating, recession-era cuts to the social safety net for children and families.

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