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Take Action for California's Children

Make Children Top Priority in the California Budget


As the state legislature debates the budget, we must ensure that the needs of children will not be sacrificed. Learn more about how Governor Brown's budget proposal would affect California children. Contact your state legislators and tell them to protect children’s safety nets and to invest in their health, education and well being.

Include a personal story or one relevant to your community to give your message more of an impact.

Urge the California Legislature to End the Double Truancy Penalty for Poor Children

The poorest parents in California are being penalized twice when their children are unable to make it to class – and we need your help today to fix this double penalty on the families that can least afford it. Assembly Bill 2382, by Assemblymember Bradford, would end the double truancy penalty on poor children and families.

Contact your state legislators today to ask them to stop punishing poor children.