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Take Action for California's Children

Tell Congress: "Be Careful What You Cut"

During the coming weeks and months, Congress will make critically important decisions about the federal budget impacting our state’s children and long term economy. CDF supports a federal budget that protects children and low-income families from budget cuts, invests in children to promote long-term economic growth, and ensures that the most advantaged Americans and corporations pay their fair share. Please share CDF’s budget principles with family, friends and colleagues and hold your Representative and Senators accountable to protecting children.

Contact your members of Congress today to ask them to stand up for children and tell them: "be careful what you cut."

Make Children Top Priority in the California Budget


As the state legislature debates the budget, we must ensure that the needs of children will not be sacrificed. Learn more about how Governor Brown's budget proposal would affect California children. Contact your state legislators and tell them to protect children’s safety nets and to invest in their health, education and well being.

Include a personal story or one relevant to your community to give your message more of an impact.

Ensuring Quality Education for our Nation's Most Vulnerable Children

Ensure Quality Education For Our Nation's Most Vulnerable Children

For far too long, our nation’s most vulnerable children have been denied the chance for a quality education. Inequities in educational funding, resources and opportunities have placed poor and minority children in low-performing schools with inadequate facilities and ineffective teachers. We must demand that our leaders commit to ensuring quality education for all children.