Action Scholars Leadership program

The Action Scholars Leadership (ASL) program prepares current, former and prospective CDF Freedom Schools® scholars and their families to apply the core values and principles of the program to transform their communities. Founded in partnership with Success In Challenges in 2013, ASL provides members with the knowledge base, experiences, and strategies to develop and sustain long-term, youth-led advocacy campaigns influenced by the principles of nonviolent direct action. Specifically, members of ASL:

  • Gain exposure to literature and ideas that deepen their awareness and respect of their own and others humanity, ethnic history, and racial identity.

  • Develop an awareness of the relationship between history, institutional racism, and present day civil rights struggles.

  • Learn the history of of non-violent direct action and gain the experience and how it can be employed to address the personal and community challenges.

  • Build an awareness of and the capacity to critically evaluate public policy and form recommendations informed by research and lived-experience.

  • Network and build relationships with local and regional youth-led healthy change efforts, including: Every Student Matters - Long Beach (ESM-LB), the Brothers, Sons, and Selves Coalition - Los Angeles County (BSS).