Tina Taylor

Last updated: 2003

Tina Taylor

2003 Beat the Odds Honoree

16-year old Tina Taylor has endured more pain and tragedy in her young life than most people will ever have to. At the age of twelve, she lost both of her parents and her eldest sister to a murder-suicide domestic violence incident. Despite surviving such an ordeal, and battling against the daily obstacles placed before her, Tina has turned her tragedy into determination to succeed in life and in her education.

Tina’s college counselor describes her as “a leader in our school and an inspiration to many others. She possesses a sunny personality, which she has managed to keep despite all she has been through. She has an innate intelligence and is not afraid to use it.”

Tina’s dream is to attend college and become a pediatrician; she states, “I have begun to prepare myself for the university system because I want to be in a challenging academic curriculum where I can graduate and return to my community with knowledge and ways to empower my old community. I am a person with many dreams and goals and I believe it is important to give back to my community and inspire others to follow the path of success.” The Children’s Defense Fund is inspired by her strength and commitment to community, and proudly recognizes her as a 2003 Beat the Odds® honoree.