Timothy Walker

Last updated: 2014

Timothy Walker

2014 Beat the Odds Honoree

As a young man, Timothy Walker experienced three detrimental things within his life: life without a father, violence against his family, and homelessness. Growing up in a single parent home, most of his life it’s been him, his sister, brother’s and mother. His dad and mom split when he was five and seeing his dad here and there wasn’t enough. Timothy reflects, “Not having a father everyday in my life was like not knowing who I really was. A lot of the time you can’t expect a mother to do a father’s job, there are something’s a boy needs his father to teach him.” The weight of his father’s absence took a toll on the family.

Timothy lived a life accessible to being a product of his environment. The school-to-prison pipeline or becoming a high school dropout were themes easily attainable. His oldest brother succumbs to gang violence and another arrested and sent to jail. Instead of being frustrated with the lack of positive male role models in his life, Timothy joined Boys to Men. While in middle school, he was mentored by older men of color with similar backgrounds. By the 9th grade, Timothy was awarded Man of the Year for his commitment, integrity and growth during this time period.

Despite his mothers work to keep him and his sister out of harm’s way, they became homeless. Motel to shelter to living out of suitcases made his life come to a standstill. Dealing with so many strangers in different settings, he saw his mother break into tears as she did her best to protect her family. As the only boy in the family, he knew he had to protect his mom and sister. Knowing this he preserved the faith that their lives would one day change and get better.

Today, you can find Timothy helping out families through Community Coalition, and being a member of Alliance for Boys and Men of Color. Through these organization he’s learned how to encourage others to keep fighting for better social and economic conditions, and the importance of speaking up to policy makers and being a true advocate. Timothy’s passion is to help people, and what keeps his passion is the desire to become a teacher in South LA.