Stephanie Gamino

Last updated: 2015

Stephanie Gamino

2015 Beat the Odds Honoree

Stephanie Gamino is a gentle, brave young woman with endless determination. At a young age, Stephanie's stepfather physically and emotionally abused her. Social Services brie y placed Stephanie with her grandmother, then placed her into foster care for several years, moving 8 different times. She was reunited with her mother, but it was not a good situation. Stephanie's mother was expecting a child with the same man that hurt her. Stephanie was hoping for a chance to bond with her mother, but instead felt unprotected and confused.

Stephanie was still a child and with little guidance and no support she quickly found herself entangled in physical and verbally abusive relationships. She became depressed and finding motivation looked impossible to her. She had dreams of finishing high school and attending college and knew she needed guidance to do that. Today, at age 18, Stephanie, is with a loving family who provides her with a safe environment that allows her to focus on her education.

Stephanie continues to work on improving her relationship with her mother. Since enrolling in a new school, she is motivated and working hard to get good grades and is able to earn money working part-time. Stephanie possesses a new sense of determination and confidence that will lead her to achieve her dreams of graduating from high school and attending college.