Stephanie Fabian

Last updated: 2013

Stephanie Fabian

2013 Beat the Odds Honoree

Stephanie Fabian has succeeded in the face of abuse, abandonment, and loss. Stephanie’s father was an alcoholic who abandoned the family, leaving his pregnant and seizure-prone wife to care for Stephanie and her siblings. Stephanie’s mother was unable to support her and her daughters and afford her frequent hospital visits, so the family was forced to return to Mexico to live with relatives. Stephanie and her sister had a difficult time adjusting to life in Mexico, in particular the education system; and, after three years, Stephanie returned, alone, to Los Angeles to live with her aunt and uncle. “I feel like I’ve lost my family,” she says of that moment.  

Stephanie still struggles with the pain of being away from her mother and her siblings. Nevertheless, she is intent on succeeding in school. She has exceeded all limitations of her, maintains a high GPA, and one day hopes to be able to earn enough money to support her family. She also participates in the MOSTE program, as well as volunteers for Just Keep Living, and Communities in Schools.

Six years after leaving her family, and only two phone calls a year, it is a daily struggle to survive without the comforting presence of her mother, but she looks forward to the day when she will be in the position to help her family. “My mom is my motivation,” Stephanie says. “I’m doing everything to make her proud.”