Sergio Rodriguez

Last updated: 2005

Sergio Rodriguez

2005 Beat the Odds Honoree

Sergio’s AVID Teacher describes him as “a humble, heart-felt, and appreciative student who gives willingly, helps relentlessly, and stays focused on his goals.” Staying focused on his goals has not been easy for Sergio, who has many responsibilities both inside and outside the classroom. For the past year Sergio has been helping to care for his mother who is seriously ill, and looks after his younger sister and brother. Sergio’s mother’s illness has left her partially blind, hospitalized for weeks at a time, on numerous medications, and at times unable to work.

Last summer, Sergio had plans to attend a summer program at California State University Los Angeles, but lovingly put them aside to care for his mother, who was hospitalized for 40 days. In spite of the family responsibilities and economic struggles that he and his siblings live with, Sergio is driven to succeed in school and in life. He is currently taking Advanced Placement English, Spanish, Calculus, and History, and maintains a 4.1 grade point average. In addition to his academic success, Sergio plays for his school’s league champion soccer team, volunteers in his community organizing a literacy project for children, and is the AVID Club President.

A sincere and mature young man, Sergio dreams of attending MIT and majoring in computer engineering. Sergio says “I plan to take advantage of all the opportunities of success presented to me. With much struggle and hard work, I am succeeding every day.”

The Children’s Defense Fund is inspired by Sergio’s commitment and proudly recognizes him as a 2005 Beat the Odds® scholarship honoree.