Roxana Castro

Last updated: 2004

Roxana Castro

2004 Beat the Odds Honoree

Born in Mexico, Roxana spent her early childhood with her parents and younger brother. After the unexpected death of her father, her mother developed brain cancer, which soon took her life. Suddenly orphaned, Roxana and her brother came to the United States to live with her aunt and grandmother. In spite of experiencing the loss of both parents and the subsequent upheaval of moving to a new country at such a young age, Roxana has remained committed to realizing her dream of becoming the first in her family to go to college, and excels in her schoolwork.

Roxana’s responsibilities at home are considerable but she has remained steadfast in her commitment to be a role model to her younger brother and to help her aunt, who works as a janitor and finds it difficult to make ends meet. Her college counselor describes her as a leader who, “…earns the highest grades in the most demanding classes, winning the respect and admiration of her teachers as well as her classmates, who see in her a model to emulate.” Roxana embraces every opportunity to take the most challenging classes and to take full advantage of all of the enrichment and community service programs available to her. Roxana is a member of the Future Leaders of America, a Latino youth leadership organization, a member of AVID and the Key Club, and has emerged as a dynamic leader who has inspired other young Latino students to become involved in their community.

The Children’s Defense Fund is inspired by her determination to achieve her dreams and her exemplary leadership and proudly recognizes her as a 2004 Beat the Odds® honoree.