Osvaldo Angel

Last updated: 2003

Osvaldo Angel

2003 Beat the Odds Honoree

Osvaldo Angel is a bright young man with a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to give back to his community. Osvaldo is described by his classmates as a student leader, and his personal motivation is to lead by example. One of the ways he does this is by volunteering his time as a reading tutor to three first-grade students at Payne Elementary School. With a 3.64 grade point average, Osvaldo is clearly not only committed to his own academic excellence, but also to that of others in his community.

In spite of enduring periods of homelessness and economic upheaval with his family, Osvaldo has never lost sight of his most important resource – school. At one point in his life when his family was living in temporary housing, it would take him hours of travel on three different buses to get home from school, but Osvaldo remained committed to completing his schoolwork properly. Osvaldo says, “This is when I realized I must overcome this challenge by becoming positive and energetic towards improving my living conditions. If I could help myself, then I would be helping my family and maybe together we would overcome this life lesson.” Although Osvaldo does not currently live with his family, he continues to excel and beat the odds in his life by participating in the One Way Club, Junior Club, the Badminton club, and serving as a member of the Teacher Preparation Academy.

Osvaldo’s dream is to attend college. The Children’s Defense Fund wants to help Osvaldo reach that dream, and is proud to recognize him as a 2003 Beat the Odds® honoree.