Mey Sok

Last updated: 2017

Mey Sok

2017 Beat the Odds Honoree

Born in Cambodia, Mey fled to the United States with her mother, sister, and brother to escape their unstable home environment. Coming to live with extended family in West Covina, Mey and her family hoped to find safety, financial security and better opportunities.

Unfortunately, America did not offer the safety and healing they needed. Just as Mey and her family began to adjust to their new life, they received some heartbreaking news: while living in Austin, Texas for a summer internship, Mey's old er brother and co-workers went swimming in a lake, and he was never seen again.

While her brother's disappearance remains unsolved, Mey lives each day with a purpose that builds on her love and respect for him. Waking at 4 a.m., Mey rides with her mother to their donut shop and from there, catches a bus to school where she takes four Advanced Placement classes and maintains a 4.3 GPA. She spends evenings and weekends working at the shop managing the register, tending to customer's needs, cleaning and studying; then returns home after 9 p.m. to assist her younger cousins with their homework. Supporting her mother emotionally and physically can be strenuous on top of an ambitious course load and extra-curricular activities, but Mey forges on in hopes of accomplishing all that her brother was unable to finish.