Jose Aceves

Last updated: 2016

Jose Aceves

2016 Beat the Odds Honoree

As a child, Jose Aceves rarely saw his mother. She worked all day to support her family and usually didn't return home until after Jose was asleep. His older brothers were always out with their friends, leaving Jose with his alcoholic father.

Living with an alcoholic parent has shaped Jose's view on life and its many challenges. Much of Jose's childhood has been as a caregiver to his father. To keep him from drinking, Jose would hide the bottles of alcohol. On several occasions when Jose's father would pick him up from school, he would be drunk. Afraid to leave his father alone, Jose grew isolated and unable to make friends or establish meaningful relationships.

The lack of a strong father figure has not stopped Jose from pushing forward to do his best to prepare for college. Influenced by his brother, Jose began to pursue art and drawing which has led him to participate in community programs and art contests where he has received numerous awards for his skill and creativity. Today, Jose maintains a 4.0 GPA and is determined to go to an Ivy League school to double major in biological and chemical engineering.