Ingrid Paredes

Last updated: 2005

Ingrid Paredes

2005 Beat the Odds Honoree

Ingrid Paredes is quick with a smile, and eager to achieve her dreams of graduating from college and having a successful career. She remains motivated to succeed by the promise she made to her mother as a young girl to further her education and make something of her life.

Ingrid grew up in Guatemala with her mother, and her four siblings. Tragically, Ingrid’s mother was murdered on her 12th birthday. Ingrid and her brothers were left to fend for themselves in a neighborhood plagued with drugs and violence. Ingrid struggled through homelessness and hunger, to keep her promise to her mother, excelling academically in school and supporting herself.

​Ingrid continues to challenge herself with difficult, college prep courses. She is now living with a family and is doing incredibly well in school. Next year she plans to take five Advanced Placement courses including AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP American Literature, and AP Spanish Literature. She is on the cross-country team at Franklin High, a member of La Raza Unida and other campus organizations, and in her ‘spare’ time enjoys running marathons and playing club soccer.

​Describing her current situation, Ingrid says, “I now live in a place where I am safe. Even though I don’t have all the luxuries, I am still motivated to keep going. My heart tells me that all I need is patience and to keep looking for opportunities that will help me make my dreams come true.”

The Children’s Defense Fund is proud to help Ingrid reach her dreams, impressed by her fortitude, and recognizes her as a 2005 Beat the Odds® scholarship honoree.