David Sanchez

Last updated: 2015
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David Sanchez

2015 Beat the Odds Honoree

David Sanchez is devoted to his family and community. David is the oldest male in a family of eleven. He has grown up in the cycle of poverty. His grandparents were raised in poverty; his parents were raised in poverty and are now raising their family in poverty. David's father has been unemployed for two years. In March of 2013, David's mother suffered an aneurysm and two strokes, putting even more stress on the family, emotionally and financially.

During this time, David had to take over all of the adult responsibilities and roles at home, while his father managed his mother's medical care. He gave up his involvement in extra-curricular activities to ensure that his siblings were taken care of. He made sure they were supported emotionally, took care of all their meals, made sure they arrive to school on time and came home safely.

Today, while David's family still struggles with poverty, he continues to support his parents and his siblings. He takes great pride in being a role model for his younger siblings. He ranks at the top of is class with a 4.3 GPA and holds leadership positions in three of the five clubs he participates in. David is a remarkable young man who is beating the odd every day.