David Cho

Last updated: 2015

David Cho

2015 Beat the Odds Honoree

David Cho has shown great strength in healing throughout his life. When he was seven years old, his father left Korea for the U.S. to find better work opportunities, but David and his mother were not able to go with him. Instead, David was sent to study in China. Being separated from both of his parents at a young age was very difficult for David. He was very unhappy about the arrangement and dreamt of reuniting with his family.

Shortly after David's father arrived in the U.S. he became very ill and died of complications from Diabetes. David's mother feared that telling him would distract David from his education, so she kept the news from him for several years. During this time David's mother worked to save money so they could be reunited and move to the United States.

Six years ago David and his mother moved to the U.S. from South Korea. David is now a senior in high school. He has selflessly taken on the role of being the man in the house, as he continues to heal from the loss of his father. Though his mother still struggles to make ends meet, David stays motivated by his mother's love and work ethic. He works extremely hard and is relentless about maintaining straight A's. David is determined to succeed so that one-day he will be able provide a better life for his mother.