Chase Moore

Last updated: 2014

Chase Moore

2014 Beat the Odds Honoree

“The race is not won to the swift, but to he who endureth,” paraphrased an old wise man. Chase reflects on these words spoken to him one day at Harvard Park in South Los Angeles while watching this younger brother. “I never really knew what the old man meant until now, he was referring to me, I’ve endured a plethora of things throughout my life”, says Chase.”

A fearful mother mustered up the strength to take her children and flee before his father could commit such a massacre. Starting a new life with grandmother, the conditions were far from perfect, but a home. Powerless nights, a house slowly dilapidated with a large hole in the ceiling, and inconsistent access to water became the trails he would face.

At the age of 12, Chase’s father stroke again. He committed a heinous act of violence out of rage, pain and anguish toward his live-in girlfriend. Placing a rifle to her chest, he pulled the trigger with no hesitation. Chase and his family were traumatized by this occurrence and soon found the LA County Sheriff’s department and helicopters hovering over their home, yelling would the residents please come out with their hands up! A frantic family found themselves surrounded by over 50 armed policemen frisking and searching in suspicion that the father was hiding in the home.

Depression fell upon Chase, as he realized the reality of life without a father. As he watched his family live through poverty he began to feel poor and hopeless. His mother reassured him that he was rich in spirit, and God was his father! Despite Chase’s hardships growing up, he would later achieve much success. While being a three sport student-athlete at his school, he maintained a 3.3 GPA, was Vice President of the Black Student Union, involved as a Student Ambassador, and member of the Chess and Graduate student committee. Chase learned that his moral obligation in life was to serve others. Being invested in you is one thing, but to invest time into others is truly a reward. Chase noted, “In life, not everyone would be able to beat the odds against them, but by God’s grace, I have depicted resilience and truly surpass the Odds against me.”