Brittany Lewis

Last updated: 2011
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Brittany Lewis

2011 Beat the Odds Honoree

In the face of abandonment, homelessness, and physical abuse, Brittany Lewis has stood tall against odds that have threatened to destroy her dreams. Brittany never knew her father, and for the first six years of her life, lived in virtual squalor with five siblings and a drug-addicted mother. At one point, the deplorable conditions in which she lived and the lack of parental guidance caused Brittany to miss an entire year of school.

At the age of six, Brittany’s then nineteen-year-old sister was awarded custody of her young siblings. Ill-prepared to care for her younger sisters and brothers, Brittany’s sister and her siblings were forced to live for over a year in a two-door Honda Prelude. Brittany’s sister also began a destructive pattern of physical abuse toward her that would last for several years. Once, her sister dealt a devastating blow that left Brittany unable to attend school for two days while she nursed a black eye. The physical pain paled in comparison to the disappointment of tarnishing the perfect attendance record she had maintained from elementary to middle school. At age 16, Brittany’s sister kicked her out the home and left her in the care of her sister’s grandparents. In this current home, Brittany has finally found the love, support, and guidance she needs and deserves.

Despite this tragic history, Brittany has maintained a 3.94 GPA and is, according to her guidance counselor, “a proven force” on her high school campus. Brittany serves as Associated Student Body President at Antelope Valley High School and is a vigilant community leader in programs such as the Youth Commission-City of Lancaster and the Teen Builders Community Service Club. Selected as a “Future Leader” by the Valley Press Newspaper, Brittany believes, “I overcame the things from my past because I refuse to let them hold me back. My plan is to continue to do my best in school and help others along the way.”