Allison Bellow

Last updated: 2003

Allison Bellow

2003 Beat the Odds Honoree

Allison Bellow’s simple statement, “I strive to be as well rounded as possible,” understates the tremendous amount of extracurricular work and community service she has undertaken in her young life. In addition to maintaining a 3.95 grade point average at the North Hollywood High School Zoological and Biological Sciences Magnet, Allison has completed a Marine Biology summer program in Monterey, has attended school year-round for three years, participates in her school’s award winning Jazz Band, has filled the role of sax section leader for both the Jazz Band and the Marching Band, has served as Sports Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, and is a member of the Zoo Crew where she volunteers her time at the Los Angeles Zoo. In her “spare” time, Allison rides horses competitively, and has won several Blue Ribbons in both English and Western style horseback riding. She also participates in community activities, and has plans to volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital and to join the Young Senators Program where she will perform community work through the office of her State Senator.

While doing all of this, Allison has had to endure the trauma of being abandoned by her mother when she was in the fourth grade. Her father, addicted to drugs, was unable to care for her and she is currently a ward of the court. Although she characterizes her life as being “emotionally disruptive,” Allison goes on to state that “the hardships I have endured only make me stronger and want to strive to accomplish more than my parents and become a highly educated person. I want to be the best that I can be.”

The Children’s Defense Fund is pleased to help Allison reach her dream of becoming an immunogeneticist so that she can cure deadly diseases by selecting her as a 2003 Beat the Odds® honoree.