Beat the Odds - Nomination Form

The Children’s Defense Fund invites you to participate in the Beat the Odds® scholarship program by nominating a student.

The CDF Beat the Odds scholarship program honors high school sophomores that are working hard to overcome tremendous obstacles in their personal lives, demonstrate academic achievement, and give back to their community. Learn more

In order for the CDF Beat the Odds selection committee to best understand the qualities and attributes which make your nominee a candidate for this program, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of him/her. Please complete the following:

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name
Best contact number

Relationship to Nominee

Nominee First Name

Nominee Last Name
How long have you
known the nominee?
Briefly describe your
relationship to the nominee

Complete the grid below:

EXCEPTIONAL= top 5%      GOOD= top 25%      FAIR= in the middle      POOR= less prepared than most

   Exceptional  Good  Fair  Poor  Unknown
Academic Commitment: has demonstrated potential for post-graduate education; recognized for achievements
Leadership Skills: expresses opinions diplomatically; provides positive direction and motivates others
Judgment: makes good decisions; understands how his/her choices and actions impact others
Dependability: accepts responsibility; meets commitments; arrives on time and prepared; trustworthy
Commitment to social justice: cognizant of issues affecting world around him/her; knowledgeable about local needs and engages/is involved
Attitude: respect for people and things; optimistic; willing to extend comfort zone; open to new experiences
Communication Skills: listens and speaks well; expresses thoughts clearly; participates and shows insight
Relationship with Peers: relates well to others; accepts differences in opinion; is open to feedback
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