CDF Report: Ending Child Poverty Now

The Children’s Defense Fund’s groundbreaking report, Ending Child Poverty Now, details how the U.S. could substantially reduce child poverty immediately. If policymakers invested an additional 2 percent of the federal budget to expand existing federal programs and policies to increase employment, make work pay, and ensure children’s basic needs are met, 60 percent of poor children across the country — and 58 percent of California’s children — would be lifted out of poverty.

A companion report by the Children’s Defense Fund - California presents key state policy recommendations for how California can reduce the state’s high child poverty rate:

  1. Enact a refundable state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  2. Raise the state minimum wage
  3. Expand the number of child care slots for low income children
  4. Make the state Tax Credit for Child & Dependent Care Expenses refundable
  5. Increase CalWORKs basic needs benefits and eliminate the Maximum Family Grant rule in CalWORKs
  6. Fund transportation for low-income children
  7. Increase participation in CalFresh by integrating enrollment with health care enrollment
  8. Fund a state housing trust fund to develop affordable housing for extremely low income families

This investment would eventually pay for itself since protecting children against the lifelong consequences of poverty would improve their lifetime earnings and outcomes and reduce poverty in future generations

Read more about CDF-CA’s state policy recommendations: Ending Child Poverty Now: California.