#EndPovertyCA State Budget Campaign

Please join anti-poverty advocates in a social media day of action on May 13th using the hashtag #EndPovertyCA in advance of the Governor's May Revise to call for action to reduce poverty in the state budget. We believe poverty should be a key lens to view and judge the state budget, and poverty and investments in our safety net shouldn't be an afterthought.

We've included some sample tweets, key hashtags, a Twitter list of CA anti-poverty advocates, and resources to link to below.

Can you send out some tweets on May 13th and continue to use the #EndPovertyCA hashtag during the next month?

The May 13th day of action will kick off a month-long #EndPovertyCA social media campaign. Please email Michele Stillwell-Parvensky (msp@childrensdefense.org) if you are interested in getting involved or have ideas to share.

May 13th Social Media Day of Action - Sample Tweets

·         1 in 4 California children live in poverty. @JerryBrownGov, what will you do to #endpovertyCA? #cabudget
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·         Key question for the Gov. Brown’s May Revise – what will the #CAbudget do to reduce poverty? #endpovertyCA
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·         The moral test of a government is how it treats children and the poor. CA must #endpovertyCA. #cabudget

·         Poverty should be the lens to judge the #CAbudget. What are state policymakers doing to #endpovertyCA?

·         CA can reduce child poverty right now by investing in proven policies & strategies. Learn how: bit.ly/1GVKE1X #endpovertyCA #cabudget

·         885,000 CA children lived in deep poverty in 2013, putting them at risk for hunger & homelessness. Now is the time to #endpovertyCA

·         CA can’t afford not to #endpovertyCA.  Child poverty costs CA $66 billion/year in lost productivity and health & crime costs. #cabudget

·         ICYMI: Sen Committee on Women & Inequality hearing w/ @HollyJMitchell discussed strategies to #endpovertyCA bit.ly/1cjllhX

·         .@AssemblyDems & @toniatkins have a plan to #endpovertyCA – how will @JerryBrownGov respond in his revised #cabudget? bit.ly/1KTEAL2

·         1 in 4 CA children live in poverty. The #CAbudget reflects our priorities as a state. Now is the time to #endpovertyCA. #talkpoverty

·         1 in 3 Black and Latino children in California live in poverty. NOW is the time to prioritize ending child poverty. #endpovertyCA

·         Child poverty is a solvable problem. @cdfca has 8 recommendations to reduce child poverty in CA now bit.ly/1GVKE1X #endpovertyCA

·         Investments to #endpovertyCA now pay for themselves by protecting kids against the lifelong costs of poverty bit.ly/1GVKE1X

Twitter Handles of Policymakers

@JerryBrownGov @toniatkins @kdeleon @AsmShirleyWeber @MarkLeno @HollyJMitchell @TonyThurmond

Twitter List of CA Anti-Poverty Advocates

Key Hashtags

#CA4SSI #EndChildPoverty #RepealMFG #Health4All #cabudget #caleg #RaisetheWage #Fightfor15 #talkpoverty #StrongerCA #EITC

Key Resources

·         Ending Child Poverty Now: California – Report by Children’s Defense Fund-California @cdfca

·         Repeal the Maximum Family Grant Rule in CalWORKs – Fact Sheet

·         California's MFG Rule: Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish, and Flat-Out Wrong - Invest in California Families

·         Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Housing is key to move Californians from welfare to work – County Welfare Directors Associate and Housing California

·         San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed: Child care is fundamental to the American Dream – Senate President pro tem Kevin de León @kdeleon

·         Contra Costa Times Op-Ed: State Earned Income Tax Credit will help those who are struggling – Assemblymember Tony Thurmond @TonyThurmond and United Way @UnitedWaySFBay  

·         Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: California must lift kids out of poverty – Assemblymember Mark Stone @AsmMarkStone and Assemblymember Kevin McCarty @KMcCartyAD7  

·         Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Spend some of California’s budget surplus to help poor families with child care - Parent Voices @ParentVoicesCA and Equal Rights Advocates @EqualRightsAdv

·         San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed: Early childhood education is California's answer to equal opportunity – Children’s Defense Fund-California @cdfca

·         Sacramento Bee Editorial in support of MFG repeal and other solutions to child poverty - @HollyJMitchell

From California Budget and Policy Center @CalBudgetCenter

·         Strategies to Reduce Poverty in California 

·         Infographic: Poverty is a Problem We Can Address 

·         CalWORKs and Poverty in California 

·         Due to State Cuts, SSI/SSP Grants Lose Ground to Housing Costs 

·         Support for Child Care and Preschool Is $1.1 Billion Below 2007-08 

·         Assistance to Low-Income Families Is Still Below the Deep-Poverty Level 

·         A State EITC Would Complement Other Public Supports That Boost Families’ Economic Security