Our Partners

The following organizations are working hard to bring justice to youth in California.

Advancement Project

Advancement Project is a next generation, multi-racial civil rights organization. Rooted in the great human rights struggles for equality and justice, we exist to fulfill America’s promise of a caring, inclusive and just democracy. We use innovative tools and strategies to strengthen social movements and achieve high impact policy change. http://www.advancementproject.org/

Anti Recidivism Coalition

The Anti-Recidivism Coalition changes lives and creates safe, healthy communities by providing a support and advocacy network for, and comprised of, formerly incarcerated young men and women. Together, we serve as a bridge to transformation, purpose, and redemption. http://www.antirecidivism.org/

Archdiocese of Los Angeles – Office of Restorative Justice

The Office of Restorative Justice reaches out to the incarcerated, victims, and the families of both. Our staff advocates for changes in the criminal justice system on the County, State and Federal levels, and strives to educate the community about the system and its affect on those involved in it. http://www.la-archdiocese.org/org/orj


Citizens for Historical Opportunity, Preservation and Education in Randolph County is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering historic preservation, heritage education, community development, and heritage tourism in Randolph County. http://www.c-hopewv.org/

Cal State LA

Building on the strengths of this rich diversity, our University prepares students for success in advanced studies, in their careers, and throughout their lives. California State University, Los Angeles graduates constitute a major leadership force in Greater Los Angeles, a microcosm of the global society. http://www.calstatela.edu/

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) is a nonprofit nonpartisan organization whose mission is to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. http://www.cjcj.org/

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

The Ella Baker Center is named for an unsung hero of the civil rights movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders. We build on her legacy by giving people opportunities and skills to work together to strengthen our communities so that all of us can thrive. http://ellabakercenter.org/

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. We scrupulously investigate abuses, expose the facts widely, and pressure those with power to respect rights and secure justice. Human Rights Watch is an independent, international organization that works as part of a vibrant movement to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all. http://www.hrw.org/

Jorja Leap and Associates

Jorja Leap has been a member of the UCLA faculty since 1992. As a trained anthropologist and recognized expert in crisis intervention and trauma response, she has worked nationally and internationally in violent and post-war settings. http://luskin.ucla.edu/jorja-leap

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

At the convergence of the fields of social work, urban planning, and policymaking, the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs identifies and develops emerging areas of research and teaching and cultivates leaders and change agents who advance solutions to society’s most pressing problems. http://luskin.ucla.edu/

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities. An anchor institution in Los Angeles, a global center for arts, technology and international business, USC’s diverse curricular offerings provide extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary study, and collaboration with leading researchers in highly advanced learning environments. http://www.usc.edu/

USC School of Social Work

The mission of the USC School of Social Work is to improve the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities, advance social and economic justice, and eradicate pressing societal problems in complex and culturally diverse urban environments throughout Southern California, the nation and the world. Our mission is achieved through value-driven, scholarly and creative social work education, research, and professional leadership. http://sowkweb.usc.edu/

Youth Justice Coalition

The Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) is working to build a youth, family and prisoner-led movement to challenge race, gender and class inequality in Los Angeles County’s and California’s juvenile injustice systems.The YJC uses direct action organizing, advocacy, political education, transformative justice and activist arts to mobilize system-involved youth, families and our allies – both in the community and within lock-ups – to bring about change. http://www.youth4justice.org/

Youth Law Center

Using a range of strategies, YLC works to eliminate abuse and neglect of children, to reduce out of home placements and incarceration, and to assure that those who are removed are held in safe, humane conditions. YLC takes action to ensure that the legal rights of vulnerable children are protected, and that they receive the support and services they need to become healthy and productive adults. http://www.ylc.org/