Why Coverage for Children is Important

Children with health insurance learn better

California children who newly enroll in a health coverage program have been shown to have a nearly 63% improvement in performance and paying attention in class.

Increased access to Medicaid has a positive impact on educational attainment

A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that increased Medicaid eligibility positively affects educational attainment. A 10 percentage point increase in average Medicaid eligibility for children led to a 5 percent decrease in the high school dropout rate and greater than a 3 percent increase in the four year college attainment rate.

Health coverage can save lives

Uninsured children admitted to the emergency room are 60% more likely to die than children with insurance.

Children’s health coverage prevents hospitalizations

An estimated 6,300 childhood hospitalizations were avoided by the California Coverage and Health Initiatives (CCHI) - between 2000 and 2005, saving the state $6.7 million

Providing children with health coverage can save the state money

In 2001, when Medi-Cal stopped requiring children to re-enroll every three months, more children stayed enrolled and received better access to primary and preventive care, ultimately saving California $17 million because children were hospitalized less frequently. And we know that healthy children learn better and achieve more.

Providing coverage to children has long-lasting educational and wage benefits

Women who were Medicaid eligible as children have significantly higher rates of college attendance, and higher cumulative wages by age 28 after having been Medicaid eligible as children.