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Untold Stories Behind One of America’s Best Urban School Districts
Children’s Defense Fund - California & Public Counsel | October 2016
This report focuses on recent education equity and racial justice trends in LBUSD related to school climate. We explore how students, especially students of color and high-need students — low-income, English Learner, special education, and foster youth — have been impacted in recent years by exclusionary school climate practices. The findings and recommendations in this report seek to encourage more district-community collaboration that supports student learning and a universal pathway to college and career for LBUSD students—particularly high-need students.

Long Beach Equity Index
Children’s Defense Fund - California | July 2016
This Equity Index of Supplemental and Concentration Funds Target Schools was created specifically for LBUSD by BHCLB with support from Advancement Project. The Equity Index builds upon LBUSD’s current list of high need schools, based on the concentration of high need students per school site, by also including academic and neighborhood indicators that affect student learning and are of concern to constituents.

LCFF Recommendations for Positive School Climate
Children’s Defense Fund - California | April 2014
Six Control Funding Formula (LCFF) recommendations to Long Beach Unified School District to support positive approaches to school discipline that address behavior and support all students’ learning and engagement.

Other Resources

Analysis of School Climate Priority in Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs) for California’s 50 Largest School Districts
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids | January 2015
An analysis of the effectiveness of the LCAPs of the 50 largest school districts in the state to decrease suspension rates and 100% have actions to address school climate.

REPORT: Building A More Equitable and Participatory School System in California
Ed Trust - West | December 2014
An analysis of first-year Local Control and Accountability Plans with an eye towards how transparently and effectively districts share these plans with the public, along with how they propose to invest in the success of low-income, English learner, and foster care students.

Joint “Dear Colleague” Letter
U.S. Department of Justice & Education | January 2014
A joint letter to assist public elementary and secondary schools in meeting their obligations under Federal law to administer student discipline without discriminating on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

Model Code on Education and Dignity
Dignity in Schools Campaign | October 2013
A set of recommended policies to schools, districts and legislators to help end school pushout and protect the human rights to education, dignity, participation and freedom from discrimination.

Brothers, Sons, Selves
Liberty Hill Foundation | January 2012
A pivotal landscape analysis on the conditions and outcomes for boys and men of color in Los Angeles County.

Breaking Schools’ Rules: A Statewide Study on How School Discipline Relates to Students’ Success and Juvenile Justice Involvement
The Council of State Governments | July 2011
A study of nearly 1 million Texas public secondary school students suspended and expelled from public secondary schools, and the impact of those removals on students’ academic performance and juvenile justice system involvement.

Civil Rights Data Collection
US Department of Education

How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit
Public Council

Local Control Funding Formula
California Department of Education