Our Partners

The following organizations are working hard to bring equity to education.

American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California

The ACLU defends the fundamental rights outlined in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These include the right to freedom of speech and assembly; the right to religious freedom; due process of law; equality before the law; and the right to privacy. The ACLU also relies on state constitutional provisions and federal and state laws that further these and similar rights. https://www.aclusocal.org/

Brotherhood Crusade

Founded in 1968, the Brotherhood Crusade’s principal mission is dedicated to building and sustaining an institution that raises funds and resources from within the community and distributes those funds directly back into the community. http://www.brotherhoodcrusade.org/

Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach

Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach is a non-profit organization focused in Central and West Long Beach that supports community engagement to ensure that “Health Happens Here.” BHC Long Beach works to build a sustainable community where health happens not just in the doctor’s office, but also with active transportation options, quality housing, healthy food access, improved environmental health, increased school attendance, parent engagement, and youth violence prevention. http://www.bhclongbeach.org/

California Conference for Equality and Justice

The California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), is a human relations organization dedicated to confronting bias, bigotry and racism in America. CCEJ promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education. http://www.cacej.org/

Californians For Justice

Californians for Justice is a statewide grassroots organization working for racial justice by building the power of youth, communities of color, immigrants, low-income families, and LGBTQ communities. Led by students, we organize to advance educational justice and improve our social, economic, and political conditions. http://caljustice.org/

Centro CHA‚Ä®

Centro C.H.A. exists with the mission to enrich the lives of low-income, underserved Latino/a youth, families and neighborhoods in the City of Long Beach through community advocacy, health and educational programs, social and economic enrichment, cultural arts, community
service, and after-school youth development programs. Through various programs and services, Centro C.H.A. strives to develop future leaders, create and maintain healthy communities, and instill a sense of pride within the Latino/a community of Long Beach. http://www.centrocha.org/

Community Asset Development Redefining Education

CADRE is a community-based, membership parent organization in South Los Angeles founded in 2001. CADRE is led by African American and Latino parents and caregivers whose children attend local schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). We work for systemic change by supporting grassroots South LA parents as the leaders in stopping the pushout crisis in schools serving low-income neighborhoods of color. http://www.cadre-la.org/

Community Coalition

Community Coalition works to help transform the social and economic conditions in South LA that foster addiction, crime, violence and poverty by building a community institution that involves thousands in creating, influencing and changing public policy. http://www.cocosouthla.org/

Educated Men with Meaningful Messages

Since 1996, EM3 at St. Mary Medical Center, has provided multi-ethic youth with opportunities to be proactive about issues that affect youth and their community. https://www.facebook.com/EducatedMenwithMeaningfulMessages

Filipino Migrant Center

We will work for an empowered Filipino community actively engaged in the movement for local and global justice. We aim to educate, organize and mobilize the low-income and working-class families of the Filipino community in Southern California and address the issues and concerns that we face in our daily lives. http://filipinomigrantcenter.org/

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities. https://www.gsanetwork.org/

Inner-City Struggle

InnerCity Struggle has worked with youth and community residents since 1994 to promote safe, healthy and non-violent communities in the Eastside. We organize youth and families in Boyle Heights, unincorporated East Los Angeles, El Sereno and Lincoln Heights to work together for social and educational justice. http://www.innercitystruggle.org/

Khmer Girls in Action

Khmer Girls in Action is a community-based organization whose mission is to build a progressive and sustainable Long Beach community that works for gender, racial and economic justice led by Southeast Asian young women. http://kgalb.org/

Labor/Community Strategy Center

The Strategy Center is a Think Tank/Act Tank for regional, national and international movement building, founded in 1989 and based in the 10 million-person world city of Los Angeles. Our campaigns, projects, and publications are rooted in working class communities of color, and address the totality of urban life with a particular focus on civil rights, environmental justice, public health, global warming, and the criminal legal system. http://www.thestrategycenter.org/

Public Counsel Law Center

Public Counsel is the nation’s largest not-for-profit law firm specializing in delivering pro bono legal services. Founded in 1970, Public Counsel strives to achieve three main goals: protecting the legal rights of disadvantaged children; representing immigrants who have been the victims of torture, persecution, domestic violence, trafficking, and other crimes; and fostering economic justice by providing individuals and institutions in underserved communities with access to quality legal representation. http://www.publiccounsel.org/

Social Justice Learning Institute

The Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) works to fundamentally improve the lives of urban communities of color. To achieve this goal, SJLI helps individuals and groups build their capacity to assess injustices, and then use their own agency to advocate for, and achieve, health and educational equity. http://www.sjli.org/

Success In Challenges, Inc.

Founded in 2001 by Rev. O. Leon Wood, Jr., Success In Challenges is a non-profit grass-roots social service agency largely serving the greater Long Beach Community. Our mission is to provide community youth and adults with safe, interactive programs that promote good citizenship, character development, creativity and discipline, designed to inspire them to face life’s challenges with enthusiasm and dignity. http://successinchallenges.com/

Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA

The Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the foundations of community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. http://www.ymcala.org/weingart-east-los-angeles

Youth Justice Coalition

The Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) is working to build a youth, family and prisoner-led movement to challenge race, gender and class inequality in Los Angeles County’s and California’s juvenile injustice systems.The YJC uses direct action organizing, advocacy, political education, transformative justice and activist arts to mobilize system-involved youth, families and our allies – both in the community and within lock-ups – to bring about change. http://www.youth4justice.org/