Children's State Budget Watch

The state budget is an important moral statement of what we value as a state and where our priorities lie. We believe the state must invest in quality child care, health care, education, nutritious food and other programs that help create a level playing field for all children.

At a time when one in five California children lives in poverty, the state needs to restore critical investments in children’s programs and begin repairing our tattered social safety net. California’s children and families are struggling with astounding poverty rates and a scarcity of services now – California’s fiscal health must be used to protect our children and our future.

CDF-CA works to be a voice for children in the state budget process by testifying at budget hearings and advocating for crucial investments in the future of California’s children.

2018-19 Budget

On January 10, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown released his 2018-19 state budget proposal. Over the next 5 months, the Legislature and the Governor will work to develop a final budget.

We released a statement in response to the Governor's budget proposal: "While the Governor’s budget maintains critical investments in health, education and the California Earned Income Tax Credit and includes a promising new proposals, it misses the opportunity to truly do what is necessary to build a foundation that sets our children up for a healthy and bright future.

In light of continuing federal threats to the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable children, California must stand strong and commit to ensuring that all children have comprehensive health coverage and care, quality early and K-12 education, and economic security. Savings in the rainy day fund to prepare for future uncertainty must be balanced with the recognition that it is raining right now for the 1 in 5 California children who live in poverty, and the state should commit to doing more to meet the basic needs of our children today."Read the full statement.

The California Budget and Policy Center has released their analysis of the Governor's budget proposal:First Look: Budget Proposal Prioritizes Saving for a Rainy Day Amid Federal and Economic Uncertainties