Priority Support Legislation

SB 395 Lara Requires youth consult with legal counsel before waiving their Miranda rights Co-Sponsor
AB 1469 Grayson Guarantees low-income children have access to free transportation to school Co-Sponsor
AB 992 Arambula Offers early home visiting services to help CalWORKs families succeed Co-Sponsor
SB 250 Hertzberg Protects children from punishment for unpaid school meal fees Co-Sponsor
SB 607 Skinner Ends suspensions and expulsions for "willful defiance" and "disruption" for students in grades K-12 High Priority
AB 15 Maienshein Improves access to dental care for children High Priority
SB 439 Mitchell Prevents criminal prosecution of children under age 12 High Priority
AB 225 Caballero Expands the California Earned Income Tax Credit to more working poor families High Priority
SB 394 Lara Eliminates life without the possibility of parole sentences for youth High Priority