Children's Bill Watch

We support statewide legislation that helps ensure a level playing field for all children. We focus our efforts on bills that increase children’s access to health coverage, reduce child poverty, promote equity in public education and ensure justice for youth.

You can make a difference in the lives of children and youth in California.

This year, we are supporting a wide spectrum of legislation that will help children and youth access the health care, education, and resources that they need to succeed. Click on the headers below to learn more about our 2016 legislative priorities, and check back for updates. View our priority legislation from previous years.

SB 439 - Setting a Minimum Age for Juvenile Court Prosecution

Senate Bill 439, by Sen. Mitchell, would exclude those 11 years of age or younger from prosecution in juvenile court in order to protect young children from the negative impacts of justice system involvement, and promote their rights, health and well-being through more effective alternatives to court involvement.  

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SB 395 - Protect Youth’s Constitutional Rights Against Coercive Interrogation

Senate Bill 395, by Senator Ricardo Lara, will help to preserve youth’s constitutional rights and protect the integrity of our criminal justice system by requiring youth under the age of 15 to consult with legal counsel before they waive their Miranda rights.

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SB 250 - Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act

Senate Bill 250, authored by Senator Robert Hertzberg, will ensure that school officials do not delay or deny food to punish students whose parents have unpaid school meal fees and would require districts to publish their policies for notifying and collecting debts from parents who have not paid school meal fees.

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AB 992 - CalWORKs Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program

AB 992, by Assemblymember Arambula, would create the CalWORKs Baby Wellness and Family Support Home Visiting Program to provide CalWORKs recipients who are pregnant or parenting a child under age 2 with voluntary home visiting services from trained professionals. The program would strengthen health outcomes for pregnant women and infants, improve educational and economic opportunities, and increase the opportunities for families to move out of poverty.

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AB 1469 - Student Transportation for Success Act

Assembly Bill 1469, by Assemblymember Grayson, would help close the school achievement gap and increase opportunity for California’s poorest youth by providing free transportation to K-12 students who attend Title I schools.

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Priority Support Legislation
SB 395 Lara Requires youth consult with legal counsel before waiving their Miranda rights Co-Sponsor
AB 1469 Grayson Guarantees low-income children have access to free transportation to school Co-Sponsor
AB 992 Arambula Offers early home visiting services to help CalWORKs families succeed Co-Sponsor
SB 250 Hertzberg Protects children from punishment for unpaid school meal fees Co-Sponsor
SB 607 Skinner Ends suspensions and expulsions for "willful defiance" and "disruption" for students in grades K-12 High Priority
AB 15 Maienshein Improves access to dental care for children High Priority
SB 439 Mitchell Prevents criminal prosecution of children under age 12 High Priority
AB 225 Caballero Expands the California Earned Income Tax Credit to more working poor families High Priority
SB 394 Lara Eliminates life without the possibility of parole sentences for youth High Priority