AB 1567 (2016) - Afterschool Access for Success Act

The most effective ways to help children escape poverty is to provide them with their basic needs and improve their access to education. California’s afterschool programs do this. There is strong evidence that access to afterschool programs increases the likelihood of success in school and high school graduation.

However, some of the poorest and most vulnerable children have lacked access to the afterschool programs because they are unable to secure a spot on the waiting list or to pay the minimal fee required by some programs. Assembly Bill 1567, by Assemblymember Campos, would make these services available to homeless students and foster youth by giving them priority access to state funded after school programs and waiving their program fees. AB 1567 would also ensure that afterschool programs apply for federally funded supper programs to prevent hunger among their students.

UPDATE: Great news: thanks to your advocacy, Governor Brown signed AB 1567 into law! The law will take effect January 1, 2017.

Latest News and Updates

September 21: Signed into law by Governor Brown!

August 22: Passed the Senate floor unanimously. 

August 11: Passed the Senate Appropriations Committee

June 21: Passed the Senate Education Committee

June 1: Passed the Assembly floor unanimously.

May 27: Passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

April 13: Passed the Assembly Education Committee. 

March 29: Bill amended to include foster youth

February 12: Fact Sheet on AB 1567 released

January 4, 2016: Assemblymember Nora Campos introduced AB 1567

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