AB 1992 - Supporting Immunizations for CalWORKs Children

Currently, If a family receiving CalWORKs basic needs assistance is unable to provide proof of immunization within 45 days, their CalWORKs grant is reduced. AB 1992 supports families by extending the time a family has to verify immunization from 45 days to 6 months. Families with low incomes can encounter significant barriers to timely immunization for their young children. AB 1992 would help families overcome barriers, and ensure that counties support them by providing transportation and information about vaccine safety, vaccine-preventable disease, and clinics providing no-cost immunization.

Research shows penalties do not increase immunization rates-they simply drive families further into poverty. Research also shows supporting families with information does increase immunization rates. AB 1992 and the 6-month extension will give families needed time to obtain immunizations for their before school age children before CalWORKs grants are reduced as a penalty.

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