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Leveling the Playing Field for Children

REPORT | 2016

2016 Policy Priorities


Leveling the Playing Field for Children

2016 Policy Agenda

Our future prosperity depends on all of our children having a fair chance to thrive and succeed. Yet each year we lose gifted young people who are born trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, violence, under-funded schools, and inadequate or non-existant health care options that too often forces them off the ladder of success and into custody of the juvenile justice system - or worse.

Leveling the Playing Field for Children, identifies the steps that California lawmakers can take today to ensure that all our children have what they need to realize their potential tomorrow. Recognizing that children don’t come in pieces, the policy agenda focuses and lifts up those policies that lift children out of poverty, expand access to health coverage and a high-quality education, and transform the juvenile justice system to focus on prevention and rehabilitation.

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You can make a difference in the lives of children today.

As you read this, lawmakers are in Sacramento making decisions that will have an impact on children and youth all across the state.

Make your voice heard in the Legislative process. Use our action tools to share Leveling the Playing Field for Children and our 2016 Legislative Prorities with your representatives.