Victory in Saving Violence Prevention Funds

July 7, 2017

Advocates succeeded in saving $9 million in violence prevention funding that had been slated for elimination in Governor Brown’s proposed state budget. The California Gang Reduction, Intervention & Prevention (CalGRIP) Program funds local programs to reduce youth violence, and is one of the most important state level-investments in the safety and well-being of our young people and communities. Thanks to the work of advocacy organizations, cities, and lawmakers, the funding was restored for 2017-18 in the final budget.

Through local funding matches, CalGRIP will have leveraged over $55 million dollars in investments in 19 cities across the state from 2015-2017, providing important support for these cities’ innovative initiatives to provide expanded opportunities and safer streets to their most vulnerable residents. CalGRIP grantee cities across California have implemented programs that provide focused outreach, counseling, and other services to youth identified as at-risk – and achieved lifesaving, cost-effective reductions in violent crime.

Lawmakers also made some important improvements in the program, including directing more of the funding to community-based organizations and renaming it the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (CalVIP) to better reflect the goals of the program.