Public Policy Exchange

February 6, 2018

CDF-CA's Executive Director Shimica Gaskins joined other community and policy leaders last week to discuss California's overcrowded prison system at a symposium last week in Beverly Hills. The symposium was sponsored by Public Policy Exchange, a division of the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies which holds regular interactive seminars for policy discussion, debate and networking.

The issue of overcrowding has been a persistent problem in California's prison and has sparked reform efforts across the state. Symposium participants discussed Proposition 57; benefits of partnerships working to ensure successful rehabilitation; alternatives to state prisons; and the role of other institutions in providing support to felons in prison and after release. Shimica spoke about how to transform the juvenile justice systems through legislative avenues such as Prop 57 and how systemic change can only occur with holistic investments in education, health and youth/community development that will decrease our reliance on the justice system.