Amplifying student and community voices

December 18, 2017

Children's Defense Fund-California kicked off its Youth Action Scholars for the 2017-18 school year with a meeting last month to celebrate youth leadership development and their past successes to level the playing field for all children. The Youth Leadership Kick-off was an opportunity for scholars to share their work and accomplishments with family and close friends.

Youth Action Scholars is student-led empowerment that aims to create a more vibrant and inclusive community in the Long Beach Unified School District through education, organizing and action. Members take part in community building, leadership development activities, dialogue and policy analysis, and other community events that build their self-esteem, strengthen their skills, and deepen their sense of responsibility for their community.

Since 2013 Youth Action Scholars have collaborated with other Long Beach students who want to improve the education and lives of their peers. Action Scholars have met with their elected representatives and other allies to help shape state and local policies that affect their lives, including measures related to truancy, school climate, CalWORKS, student transportation, and positive youth development. More recently, students have been engaged in a dialogue about education equity related to a complaint about misspending of funds intended for high need students in Long Beach.

In 2018, Youth Action Scholars will help lead a story gathering campaign to amplify and promote student and community voices.