Governor's Revised Budget Fails to Recognize the Needs of Children

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May 14, 2013
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Governor's Revised Budget Fails to Recognize the Needs of Children 

Sacramento, CA –Jamila Iris Edwards, Northern California Director for Children’s Defense Fund California, released the following statement in response to Governor Jerry Brown May Revision of the 2013-14 state budget:

Over the past five years, California has cut billions of dollars from programs serving children and families. And the people suffering most from these cuts are poor children and children of color. As a result, nearly one in four California children lives in poverty, and children and families in our state are struggling to survive without support services to help them stay healthy and safe.

The continued fiscal health of our state depends on the success of our children, and we need a budget built on revenue solutions that protects and invests in our children, and begins to repair our tattered social safety net. Unfortunately, the Governor’s revised budget fails to include significant restorations to critical programs for California’s children that have been decimated in recent years.

The proposed reinvestment in public education is a critical first step—it will provide opportunities for school districts with high concentrations of poor and disadvantaged students to invest in programs, services and personnel that remove barriers to academic success. However, if the state is serious about improving educational outcomes for low-income children and children of color, more must be done to address all the factors that impact a child’s education—including poverty, hunger, and health care—because children don’t come in pieces.”