Statement from Children’s Defense Fund-California on Governor’s 2017-18 Budget Proposal

January 10, 2017

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Michele Stillwell-Parvensky
Sr. Policy & Government Affairs Manager
(510) 663-1294

In response to Governor Brown’s budget proposal released today, Michele Stillwell-Parvensky, Senior Policy and Government Affairs Manager at Children’s Defense Fund-California, issued this statement:

“In light of emerging threats to our most vulnerable populations from the Republican-led Congress and incoming President, it is crucial that California develop a state budget that protects our children, especially poor children, immigrant children, and children of color. California must continue moving forward to break down walls of inequity that are preventing our vulnerable children and families from thriving.

We appreciate that the Governor’s 2017-18 budget proposal reaffirms the state’s commitment to health coverage for all low-income children regardless of immigration status and the new state earned income tax credit for poor working families. At a time when nearly 1 in 4 California children live in poverty, California must continue to make investments to reduce child poverty, strengthen the safety net, and build a more prosperous and inclusive state.

California’s future depends on our children, and on keeping the state’s investments in education strong. We are concerned that the Governor proposes delaying child care funding increases and preschool expansion that parents, advocates and child care workers won last year. We urge the Governor and the Legislature to strive for educational equity by ensuring adequate funding for our early learning and K-12 education systems and continuing to invest in community resources instead of over-relying on courts, probation and police to keep youth and families safe.”


The Children's Defense Fund-California (CDF-CA) is a state office of the Children's Defense Fund, a national child advocacy organization founded by Marian Wright Edelman that has worked relentlessly for over 40 years to ensure a level playing field for all children. With offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and Long Beach, CDF-CA champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty, ensure all children have access to health coverage and care and a quality education, and invest in our justice-involved youth.  


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