Oh, the places they'll go!

September 14, 2015
Oh the Places Theyll Go

Summer is officially over; and all around the country recently graduated high school seniors are gearing up to make the transition to their new lives as college freshman. And we couldn’t be more excited to announce that our 2014 Beat the Odds® scholars will be joining them on this important cultural milestone - and attending some of the greatest colleges and universities in the land, including UCLA, Occidental, Clark Atlanta, and Barnard College.

Our Beat the Odds scholars are the embodiment of dedication, determination, and resilience. Each one of these incredible students has achieved academic excellence and personal success in the face of childhoods marred by poverty, abandonment, abuse, neglect, and loss. Indeed, far from capitulating, many went on to become class valedictorians, student body presidents, all-star athletes, and role models in their communities.

For more than two decades, the Beat the Odds scholarship program has recognized and rewarded high school students who have overcome adversity to excel in school and as leaders in their communities. Meet the students below and learn more about the scholarship program..

Sequoia Canada
Barnard College
Her story
Chase Moore
College of the Holy Cross
His story
Elizabeth Lopez
Loyola Marymount University
Her story
Zachary Byrge
University of California, Los Angeles
His story
Timothy Walker
California State University, San Francisco
His story
Zillary Palanco
Clark Atlanta University
Irene Ramos
University of California, Los Angeles
Erica Cortez
Occidental College
Kimberely Reyes
California State University, Los Angeles
Alexsia Gonzales