Children’s Health is At Risk

January 30, 2017

Today, 97% of California’s children have health coverage, but our progress on children’s health is being seriously threatened. The Trump Administration and the new Republican Congress are working to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and undermine the Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California) program, changes that would harm millions of children and families across California and the country.

We are working with a broad coalition of California partners in the Fight4OurHealth coalition and our Children’s Defense Fund colleagues across the country to fight back and demand that any repeal of the ACA must be accompanied by passage of a full, immediate replacement with better, more affordable care, coverage, and consumer protections that ensure no child or family loses ground. 

And the pressure is starting to work! Already, we’re seeing a significant slowdown of the repeal effort, and growing recognition of the need to replace the ACA with a plan that provides more affordable coverage for larger numbers.

There will be many opportunities to weigh in with Congress and the Administration over the next several months as various repeal and replacement proposals are debated. CDF will never give up defending the critical safety net programs like Medicaid that have allowed generations of America’s children to survive and thrive over the past 50 years. We will reach out at critical moments when you are needed to step up and take action, and to organize your networks to ensure progress for children is not reversed. Sign up now for actions you can take today and throughout the year. 

Please read and share our new fact sheets on the threats to health coverage for children and families: