Investing in Our Youth

October 12, 2016

About 50 Building Healthy Communities partners from Southern California recently gathered for a two-day meeting to discuss an ongoing communication strategy initiative by The California Endowment called Investing in Youth. The goal of the initiative is to advocate for policy, program and systems changes that transform the way we invest in youth and communities.

The participants discussed the underlying assumptions about our youth and what is needed to change the narrative and gain more support from policy makers, as well as city and county officials who control the resources. The group generated specific messages, memes and other communication strategies organizations can use to further their youth campaigns.

“The narrative analysis training and capacity building has been extremely helpful as we talk with our communities and systems leaders about the strengths and experiences of young people,” said Angelica Salazar, senior policy associate for Children’s Defense Fund-California (CDF-CA). “This is essential as we develop a vision where youth of color are thriving in our communities.”

CDF-CA would like to send a special thanks to all the BHC partners, The California Endowment and Center for Story-based Strategy which provided the technical assistance.