Celebrating Fathers: Vincent

June 17, 2017

On this Father's Day, 2015 Beat the Odds honoree Vincent Zamarripa honors his father and all our fathers who are supporting children, youth and families.

What does the word “father” mean to you?

A father is a person who supports their children through any of the decisions they make, without judgment or hesitation.

How needed or important are fathers in the lives of young people?

I believe that fathers are very important and crucial to the development of children; they have the ability to create an almost indestructible feeling of stability that allows kids to grow comfortably.

How has your father made a difference in your life?

My dad has been supporting and encouraging me to achieve success and be confident in the person I am. He has taught me to reflect on my achievements in a way that is both gives me credit where I earned it and also keeps me humble.

What message would you like fathers to hear on Father’s Day?

I hope that father figures are told or reminded about how they are appreciated and not taken for granted.