CDF Freedom Schools® Parent Engagement Institute Pilot

November 17, 2016

Children’s Defense Fund - California will be launching the CDF Freedom Schools® Parent Engagement Institute Pilot Program that will help parents develop greater capacity to support their children’s academic development, build stronger communication and interaction, and strengthen their leadership skills to effectively engage in their scholars’ education.

Through a partnership with Read Lead Inc. and Success in Challenges, we are seeking interested parents that will commit to participating in a series of workshops and activities that will take place over a six-month span.

The goal is for parents to start as early as their child’s infancy to create a mindset, expectation, and a home culture that makes it clear college is a live and viable goal for their children. The Institute’s curriculum highlights a pathway to a college graduate. The pathway places a strong emphasis on language and literacy because they are the key to nearly every academic endeavor students will be expected to make in school. Kick-off is tentatively scheduled for January 2017.