Beat the Odds Update: Vincent Zamarripa

October 12, 2016

Vincent Zamarripa

Q: What have you learned about yourself from your transition to college from high school?

A: I’ve learned that living away from my parents gives me a lot more freedom than I'm used to. I also learned that my time management skills are still really great because I'm able to balance work and school. Also I'm a lot more tolerable with hot weather than I thought was sane.

Q: What has been the most difficult part of the transition?

A: I would say it's not abusing the freedom I have. While I could stay out as late as I wanted, I have to keep in mind that I have classes throughout the week and need to attend them in order to succeed.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your college experience so far?

A: I really like the amount of freedom I have. I know it may sound repetitive but its honestly really great. It has helped me get rid of so much of the anxiety that was just constantly there because I no longer have to be home at a certain time after activities. I may be a tad bit stressed because of my life now, but I think its a lot better than what I was at before.

Q: What kind of support, if any, are you still receiving from Children’s Defense Fund – California?

A: Aside from financial support CDF has continued to answer questions I have about financial aid or taxes. Even in solving personal/family problems someone at CDF has helped answer questions, clarify issues, and connect me with resources in order to resolve my problem.

Q: What additional support do you think you need to make your first year successful?

A: This year just started so i don't think i know of anything as of now. CDF has really made transitioning a lot less overwhelming and I'm very grateful.

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