Beat the Odds scholars demand #Health4All in California

April 13, 2015

On April 13, our 2015 Beat the Odds scholars Elizabeth Lopez and Irene Ramos joined hundreds of advocates from across the state in Sacramento to demand health care for the more than 170,000 California children are locked out of health coverage because they are undocumented. Read what they had to say about their first experience advocating in the Capitol and take action to lawmakers to make #Health4All a reality in California.

Elizabeth Lopez

Prior to attending lobby day on April 13th, I was not informed of Senate Bill 4 and how prevalent the issue health care access is in my life. If this bill passes, my parents who are undocumented, and many others in my community, will be able to access affordable health care. I live in constant fear that my parents will fall ill and be forced into medical debt by a an extremely expensive medical system. My priority in life has always been to receive a high quality education, but at the core of that is what it means for the the well-being of my family. If either of my parents were to fall ill I would be forced to abandon my education to look for work in order to afford medical for my parents care as well as to put food on the table. Access to high quality, affordable health care must be a human right that everyone in the U.S. should posses. People of all ages must unite in a single voice, because in the end this bill will benefit us all, and what better way to support than by making sure that all Californians, regardless of their immigration status, be able to access health care.

Irene Ramos

Going to Sacramento for the first time was an amazing experience because I got to be part of a march with a great purpose. #Health4All is important for me because if this bill is passed then not only a portion of California’s population but all of the people in California will receive health benefits equally. My career goal is to become a Registered Nurse in order to give back to my community by helping them be healthy and successful, even though there are many people with health benefits, there are many more without, and most of the time need major medical attention and sometimes they are the more affected because they are not cover due to their immigration status. SB 4 is important to me because I do not only desire to help a portion but the entire population of California. Health care should be granted to everyone because is a right. I believe that other youth and community members should care about his issue because is a situation that affects everyone not just the ones with undocumented family but everyone because those with no health care are part of their community and a community means a family and a family is never left behind.