Janelle Bautista

Health Policy Intern

Janelle Bautista is a Health Policy Intern with the Children’s Defense Fund - California. In this role, Janelle will focus on researching and developing public policies to improve mental health care services for children and youth, particularly trauma-informed care.

Janelle earned a Master’s in Education from Johns Hopkins and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from UC Berkeley. Before accepting this internship, Janelle taught 9th grade US History in inner-city Baltimore as a part of the Teach for America program, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact that toxic stress has on a child’s educational and emotional well-being.

Janelle considers herself a world traveler and has recently visited Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Korea, Kenya, and The Netherlands. When not traipsing the globe, you can find Janelle bindging Netflix, drinking Philz coffee, or eating sushi.