Helping Children Heal

Advocates and policymakers in public health are paying more attention to the impact of exposure early in life to trauma or chronic adversity, since it is now known to impair brain development in children and have rippling effects on caregivers through secondary or vicarious trauma. Children of color are more likely to experience trauma through chronic exposure to violence and inheriting the impacts of generational and community oppression. Trauma-informed care has emerged as a set of standards, theories, and best practices in public and private agencies.

Helping Children Heal: Promising Community Programs and Policy Solutions highlights four successful strategies in the San Francisco Bay Area that address the healing of young people, while also fostering community change and systemic transformation. The report also explores the role public policies play in advancing and supporting this community-based healing work throughout the state.

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"My goal in life has been to prove to everyone that you can beat the odds regardless of what has happened in your past. I may be half blind, but I see the world more fully than I ever have." - Ni'Tasha Denson, 2015 Beat the Odds Honoree.

"While I continue to face challenges at home head on, at school I remain focused and committed to achieving success. The CDF Beat the Odds scholarship represents this success." - Vincent Zamarripa, 2015 Beat the Odds Honoree.

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